Sunday, April 30, 2017

Responsible Citizen

When I describe myself as a responsible citizen I think I am extended abstract because if I see someone crying I help them and ask what happened and why they are crying. When I see someone that looks lost, sad or lonely I will help them and include them in what I am doing so they feel good. I can teach others how to be a helpful bystander. This might get them higher in their own learning, which might help them to teach others.

My next step is to help even more people by listening to what they say, because if they are sad i can encourage them to tell me what happened. If they are doing something wrong, I will tell them to stop so they know what not to do. Then they might tell someone to stop doing something that is bad themselves. If I do this I can get even higher in my own learning. My learning will be a higher standard and I will be able to learn in different ways.

Sandwich board

In He tangata this term Neve, Sophie and I decided to do our inquiry project on a sandwich board for Mr Anderson. The sandwich board is designed to advertise upcoming events.

I think that I am relational because I thought of lots of ideas, I can say why we should do this, how we can make it, and what resources to use. When I came up with the idea of doing a chalkboard we had a problem that we thought that a real chalkboard would be to heavy and bang into Mr Anderson's legs. We came up with the idea that we should put chalkboard paint on the sandwich board because it would be lite and serve the same purpose.

My next steps are to think of more ideas such as slowing down with my thinking, and sharing ideas with others. I begin to use my ideas and explore them in different ways and use them differently.

I'm proud of how it turned out because it looks really good, and has a lot of detail on it. I am also proud of the way I worked with my team members. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I'm struggling to get through school, the heat is drenching me.
Finally, school is over! I rush to the boiling car, mum speed off to swimming. I  walk into the changing room, and slip on my black and white togs, now I'm ready for my lesson. First I dive, move my arms, I'm kicking and breathing, when I'm done I  open my eyes. Swimming makes me feel excited and energised, as the water splashes round me. The pool is cold, it cools me down and relaxed me from the burning heat outside.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ko Anika Ahau

I am a small car,
exploding with lots of ideas,
ready to learn each day.

I am the Statue of Liberty,
standing strong,
showing everyone who I am.

I am a bluebird,
singing a sweet song,
as people walk pass.

I am a slice of  orange,
unique in my own way.

I am a sushi ball,
never too perfect, but never out of shape.

I am a simple blue scarf,
delicately blowing in the wind,
leading the way.

Ko Anika __________ ahau

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Character description

Are you sure you want to know who she is? Okay, fine, I will tell you. Her hair is short, black and silky. She is very skinny, almost like a broom. She wears her black karate clothes everyday. She moves like a slick and very sly spy. She hardly ever smiles and always hides in the shadows. Her eyes are dark black and her skin is light pink.

She has one fail after another. For example she is constantly picking her nose trying to scoop big boogers out, she doesn't ever get any boogers, as hard as she tries. She lives under the ground and to get yourself inside you will need to find the secret hatch. She has a big obsession with karate but she is horrible at it. Her friends are fat, rude, and mean. They all get along well and do bad things together. When I said she always picks her nose I meant it. Imagine this, she's standing on a stage for a karate tournament, she is about to try and cut the wood with her bare hands, then suddenly she sticks her finger up her nose furiously digging to get a big booger out. To everyone's surprise she stuffs the crumbly, giant clumps of big disgusting boogers in her mouth. 

This is a typical phrase she uses - “Poo’s on toast and oh shitaky mushrooms”. She speaks like she's up to something (but sometimes she isn't, but she mostly is.) She speaks in a peculiar Russian voice.  When she talks to her mother, well when I say talk I mean argues with her, she swears and tries to kick and hit her. When she's on the phone to her mother she punches the phone and hurts her hand doing it.

She hangs out at her karate place with her mean, and rude friends. When people see her they screw up their noses in disgust. Lots of people say she is weird. She lives underground and all you can see is worms out of the windows.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Travis wetland

We saw a small snail and he wanted to climb on Olive’s clipboard and we named him ‘Slow steve’. The reason why we named him Slow Steve is because he was very slow and Mrs Hull said we might be able to make a snail farm.

Travis wetland

(left to right) Olive, Kate smith, Kate Cowan, Anika, Sophie, on the 2.11.16 - we were just beginning to walk the track.